Bridge Student Ministries

Do you need to connect?
Do you need a place to fit?
Do you need direction?

We would love to have you join us in the many opportunities we offer here at Bridge Student Ministries as you pursue your relationship with God.

The Next Generation

Bridge Student Ministries are comprised of two groups: Senior High is led by Jay Crawley and Junior High is led by Phil Golden (Junior High). In addition to Jay and Phil, several other dedicated adults make up the Servant Team. The youth ministry has continually grown since the start of FBBC. Jay and Phil both realize that the youth are our country’s future leaders and truly have hearts for ministering them.

On Sunday mornings, the Junior High meets at 8:30 in the Cafe and Senior High meets at 10:15 in the Cafe.


Throughout the year, the youth classes have activities to keep them busy. Whether it is TGIF, Wednesday night Bible study, volleyball, kickball or scavenger hunts, the youth at First Bible Baptist Church have a blast while being molded into the individuals God desires them to become.

Youth Camp

Part of every church Youth group is of course a summer camp. The youth at First Bible Baptist Church visit Camp Windermere each summer. During their stay, the Pastors invites guest speakers to discuss topics such as their heart attitude, being a teenaged christian, and of course, salvation. The attendees make some very important decisions during their visit, where they are not interrupted by television, internet, etc. Many have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior, others have been baptized in the camp’s pool, while others re-dedicate their life to Christ.

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