Eberhard Missions Letter (January 2013)

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January 2013,

Dear Pastor. Mark Brown, and First Bible Baptist Church

Emmah says yes to Jesus for 2013

Three months ago Emmah came to Kiambu Bible Baptist Church from a Catholic church. We had the privilege to meet her when I preached there on Dec 31. She decided to give her life to Christ after the service. Emmah is like many Kenyan People, they have a religious association but no relationship with Jesus Christ. This is why we are here, to share to Good News!

Loy Started Bible College in January

Loy told us at recent meeting that he would like to train to be a preacher. He has been preaching in his high school for few years now. In December he finished his High School. In January he moved to the campus of Baptist Bible College. He is sponsored by one or our supporters whose desire it is to see men trained for the gospel ministry. I have men waiting for scholarships/sponsor. For $50 a month for 3 years you can support a Pastor to train at Baptist Bible College Nairobi Kenya!

Malea returned to Kenya with her husband David!

We had the wonderful privilege for two weeks in January to show Malea and David the ministry and beauty of Kenya! Pray for them as they finish school at Baptist Bible College in Springfield.

Who will be the last one to be saved!

On the way to the airport to pick up Malea and David, late at night, we followed a young man as he rode out of town on the back of a fast moving gas truck. The mud flap read “LAST MAN” We thought it was crazy for him to hang on as the fuel truck picked up speed leaving town. It made me think of the soon coming day when the “last man” will be saved and we go to heaven to be with Jesus. We are working to win as many as we can before HIS return. Even so come Lord JESUS!

Prayer & Praise: We are closing on the land purchase in Nalondo. Now we are saving for land for our church plant in Zimmerman. Thanks to those who have helped this month! If you can help, please pray about how much. This is our first church to help plant and we would like to help them to get a permanent place before we return to the states in June 2013. We still need $8,000 to reach our goal of $25,000.

In His Service, Jim & Sybil Eberhard

Thank you for your support in December and January.

Received: $ 200