Missionary Wednesday Night (1/27/2013)

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Larry and Charlotte Franklin

Larry & Charlotte Franklin

Join us on the last Wednesday of January for our Missionary Wednesday Night with the Franklins. The Franklins are members of our church and we have supported them from the start in their missionary journeys. We want to be an Acts 1:8 church of passion and help them as they continue to invest in children and teachers of children all over the country and internationally.

MINISTRY: International Children’s Missionary Enterprises

I.C.M.E. is a multifaceted, worldwide ministry based out of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, located near Kansas City.

I.C.M.E. is a local church generated ministry resulting from the concern for children and the lack of basic materials often encountered as Larry and Charlotte traveled into other parts of the world on mission trips. As they saw the dedication of the teachers and felt their frustration of not knowing how to accomplish the burden of their hearts to teach their own students, God put it into their hearts to use what he had given them through 40 years of local church children’s ministry experiences.

Since children can remember much of what they see, hear, say or do, teachers need visuals to help teach them. As the Lord supplies the funds Larry and Charlotte are able to provide, at no cost to the missionary, such things as overhead projectors, screens, training books, Bibles, tracts, new heavy-duty flannel graphs, Vacation Bible School materials, and other items. These items are shipped post paid or taken by Larry and Charlotte as they travel.


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