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Join us Easter Sunday for Blessed Dawn

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Easter Sunday @ 8:30 & 10:15 am

Rejoice in the Light of Easter’s Day

Blessed Dawn, created by award-winning songwriter Tony Wood, with narration by Dr. Heidi Petak and arrangements and orchestrations by Daniel Semsen, is one of the most profound and provocative Easter musicals in recent history.

Just as the songs portray a landscape of both old and new, the landscape of performance levels found in Blessed Dawn range from the intuitive and accessible to the moderately challenging. Conceptually, the musical strikes tones of great emotion and high celebration, voiced alongside notes of the sorrow, reverence and suffering portrayed in the Passion of the Christ. This new work calls out to those who hear it, urging that you present it with great focus and a special commitment to sharing the message of the Gospel and the power of His resurrection. We pray a special blessing on you and your choir, orchestra, soloists, narrators and media teams, as you present the story of Easter in…Blessed Dawn.


Choir rehearsal starts on February 7 @ 4pm in the Auditorium. The first rehearsal will be followed by a Super Bowl party in the Cafe.