Tuesday – Great day in VBS

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What an incredible day we had at VBS.  The number of children grew over night.  We had 1182 as of last night, but it grew to about 1600 by this morning.  There are children everywhere!  Organized chaos is what had today, but the kids are having a blast.  We played all sorts of fun games reinforcing the teaching that we give them.
This afternoon the kids ran long on their music competition, so we did not have our afternoon session with them.  Since this was cancelled, I put together an Evangelism team to go in and witness to the patients that were waiting to go into see the doctor or dentist.  It was a special time to see the team witnessing to the people. 
The service tonight was just amazing.  Stacy Couzens did her Taikwando, flipped Sean Summers on stage, broke her boards.  The kids just loved it.  Andy the Archeologist made an appearance again, and Bryon did just an incredible job with his lesson.  Bobby Bonner gave an invitation and 243 kids came forward to receive Christ.  Yes, it was an awesome day!

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