Wednesday Evenings

On Wednesday evenings, the church gathers together in an informal setting to study a book of the Bible with Pastor Mark and Dr. Bobby Bonner. Each series will be completed in four to ten weeks. If you’re looking for an interactive way to study the word with others, then we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Current Series

His Passion

His Passion series
Because He first loved us (1 John 4:19).

Strength and Honor

Joshua series
A study in the book of Joshua about one of Israel’s great leaders.

Your Church Experiencing God Together

Your Church Experiencing God Together
We are currently going through the series Your Church Experiencing God Together. This will take us through the next couple of months. Please come join us! I’m sure you’ll benefit from this series as much as I have.
— Pastor Mark

Holding Fast In the End Times

Nehemiah series
Join Dr. Bobby Bonner for a multi-week prophetical study about the end times.

Watch the interview clips about Jonathan Cahn’s “The Harbinger” used by Dr. Bobby Bonner in his Holding Fast series.

Jonathan Cahn with Sid Roth Part 1: Harbinger—the Warning

Jonathan Cahn with Sid Roth Part 2: Harbinger—the Shaking

For more information about the book, visit the book website.

Nehemiah: The Difference Maker

Nehemiah series
This multi-week study in the book of Nehemiah covered some of the words that come to mind in this books of comebacks: burden, passion and responsibility. See how you can “rebuild” your life and be a difference maker like the prophet Nehemiah.

Psalms. The Heart of Conversation.

Heart of Conversation series
The book of Psalms is full of admonitions, commandments, training and praises. We will be going through this wonderful book while looking at the “heart of conversation.” How is your heart? Join us on Wednesday nights as we walk through these Scriptures together.

Proverbs. The Real Quotes of Life.

Proverbs series
The book of Proverbs is referred to as wisdom literature and provides a lifetime of wisdom in a month’s worth of Bible reading. Throughout the book, wisdom (or the wise person) is compared and contrasted with foolishness (or the fool). Wisdom is held up as something worth the effort to attain. Remember to read a chapter each day of every month as a practice. Enjoy the short series we did on this incredible book of wisdom.

Journey to the Center of the Church.

Journey to the Center of the Church series
This series covers the Apostle Paul’s missionary travels as they are found in Acts 13–22. Travel back in time with Bryon Callaway and get a better understanding of Paul, the early church and the areas he traveled on his journeys.

Wednesday Evening Message Archives

You can listen to and/or download messages and sermon notes from the current series and message archives.

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